Friday! Staying up all night

June 20, 2009

Yesterday’s outfit: This top I bought from forever 21 about a year or two ago solely for the print. It has an elastic on the waist which I hate because it moves up to the natural waist, making the length shorter, and exposing my flabby belly. Having to make a quick stop to the mall, I figured I’ll try it out with a pair of shorts that is not too low waisted.

The weather is pretty much sizzling. I stood up all night and had to turn on the air conditioner a few times. YESSS, I was up all night until 8 this morning making a long dress. I was aiming more towards the sailor look, but as I was attaching the bottom to the top, I realized it looked more like an American flag. I was a bit bummed out about it because I DO NOT want to be walking around, wearing this dress, and looking like an American flag. Luckily, as I was finishing it, I realized July 4th is just around the corner and I might be attending the Independence Day Parade and fireworks at the Capitol Mall in Washington DC. If I am too chicken to wear it on a normal day, at least there is an appropriated day for it!

—The worst thing about making dresses is the straps. I figured it’ll be less laborious if I just cut three strips of fabrics and braid it instead of having to go through pressing and turning teeny tiny tubes inside out.
—My mannequin finally has something to wear.
—There is nothing better than fast food for a midnight snack/meal. My yearning, desire, thought, whatever you called it for fast food is an oxymoron; it gives me guilty satisfactions! But really, I need to cut down on my bad unhealthy eating habits; something easier said than done. *sigh*

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