My new purse

September 18, 2009

okay, not so new… it’s been a few days already.

A few weeks ago I was at Joann’s and found a material and pattern that reminded me of Hmong/Southeast Asian’s floor mat. I decided to buy a yard and make a purse out of it. I thought it turned out pretty cute.


I did not have time and sorta forgot to take step by step photos for DIY. Maybe next time, if I remember :D


Anna Sui for Target

September 17, 2009

Anna Sui, Anna Sui, Anna Sui…

My younger sister use to have an Anna Sui shirt and I thought it was super cute although, I don’t remember much about it besides the fact that it was just a basic purple shirt with something on the front of it. Years later, as my affinity to fashion bloomed, I found Anna Sui again and fell in love with her cowboy shoes, hats, crazy prints, and messy, but yet oh so perfect dresses. A few weeks ago, I saw an ad with her collection for Target but haven’t had the chance to take a look at the Target website nor gone to a Target store and check out her collection. I finally had the chance today and tried on some dresses. It fits very well and the length is perfect for a short/average gal like me. If you want to get something from her collection, I suggest you hurry up and get it fast because some of the items I want in my size are already gone. AND a lot of the items on the Target website are sold out!

There are a lot more items to her collection, but I took a long time in the fitting room and did not feel like I should take any minute longer so here are some items:


Floral Dress

September 16, 2009

I happen to be looking around in one of my email address that I hardly ever use and saw a picture of a floral dress I made years ago. I think I only wore it once and then trashed it because I thought it was a bit too short. I still have some fabrics left over after a few years, and used it to make an apron a few months ago. Maybe another dress? I don’t know…

floral dress

I love this collection. It’s soft, comfortable, and beautiful. I need to learn how to have the patience to work with silk… sigh…
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