Fourth of July and Hmong inspired play dress

July 12, 2010

During Fourth of July, my boyfriend and I wanted to go to DC, but we felt lazy just thinking about the traffic. We decided to go watch the fireworks in town at Ida Lee Park instead. The band was good and there were more people than I expected. There were only a few vendors selling food and the lines were super super super long. As you can see the pictures below, the lines for the vendors are incessantly long.

Awhile back when I was in Fresno, California, I took Tor’s two little sisters to the Hmong store. The store had some whimsical Hmong inspired outfits and the girls wanted each an outfit. I didn’t feel like the outfits were worth what the price was asking for so I told the girls I’ll make them similar outfits instead. We went shopping for fabrics, but I couldn’t find time to make the outfits while I was in Cali. I finished the outfits, wrapped them up, bought the box to ship it in, but at the last minute, I decided not to ship it yet because the outfits only fill the box half way. Maybe another two outfits or so…

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