Awaiting for my fabrics

August 24, 2010

Around here, there is a dearth of fabric stores; actually there is no fabric stores around here besides Joann Fabrics. The Joann Fabric stores here do not have a wide selections and it sucks so bad to live in an area like this. Even the thrift stores don’t have vintage patterns or scraps of fabrics; and when I mean don’t, I mean literally no trace of sewing patterns, new or vintage, and no trace of sewing notions. There is also a dearth of thrift stores around here as well. I don’t even want to go into this topic…
Anyway, back to to what I was going to write about. Due to the dearth of fabric stores, I have to rely on the internet to order fabrics. I came upon some Hmong/Miao fabrics that weren’t too bad with pricing. Of course the suppliers/sellers are located in Thailand so the shipping cost and the time it takes to get it isn’t that great. But with the idea/project that I want to get done within a few months, the fabrics are essential. I ordered three so far and can’t wait to get it!


I love love love the prints she uses. The photos do not do justice to what the outfits really are though. In the video, you can see the front, sides, and back view so you can really see how beautiful the prints and garments are put together.

It’s been like FOREVER that I kept telling myself to sew some damn clothes and sell it on Etsy. I haven’t made the account yet because I wanted to make some clothes first before I actually created the account. Finally, I made two skirts and a shirt/jacket. These are just samples so it’s a bit sloppy. The overlock color on the black jacket is tan so it doesn’t match the black fabric. I was too lazy to change the threads on my serger. It sucks because changing the thread is not easy like the other sergers I used before where I just tied the knot and serge away. My serger in particular, the knots get stuck and the threads break so if I was to change the thread, I have to re-thread the whole damn thing. So, that is why for this sample jacket, the overlock thread is not the correct color. I still think it’s fine because it’s only the inside of the jacket.

I haven’t created an etsy account yet so once I make some more clothing items, I’ll create an account and post ’em up for sale. Let this be the incunabulum of my … oh, I don’t know… existence? :D