Finally made some Hmong clothes

August 16, 2010

It’s been like FOREVER that I kept telling myself to sew some damn clothes and sell it on Etsy. I haven’t made the account yet because I wanted to make some clothes first before I actually created the account. Finally, I made two skirts and a shirt/jacket. These are just samples so it’s a bit sloppy. The overlock color on the black jacket is tan so it doesn’t match the black fabric. I was too lazy to change the threads on my serger. It sucks because changing the thread is not easy like the other sergers I used before where I just tied the knot and serge away. My serger in particular, the knots get stuck and the threads break so if I was to change the thread, I have to re-thread the whole damn thing. So, that is why for this sample jacket, the overlock thread is not the correct color. I still think it’s fine because it’s only the inside of the jacket.

I haven’t created an etsy account yet so once I make some more clothing items, I’ll create an account and post ’em up for sale. Let this be the incunabulum of my … oh, I don’t know… existence? :D

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