Awaiting for my fabrics

August 24, 2010

Around here, there is a dearth of fabric stores; actually there is no fabric stores around here besides Joann Fabrics. The Joann Fabric stores here do not have a wide selections and it sucks so bad to live in an area like this. Even the thrift stores don’t have vintage patterns or scraps of fabrics; and when I mean don’t, I mean literally no trace of sewing patterns, new or vintage, and no trace of sewing notions. There is also a dearth of thrift stores around here as well. I don’t even want to go into this topic…
Anyway, back to to what I was going to write about. Due to the dearth of fabric stores, I have to rely on the internet to order fabrics. I came upon some Hmong/Miao fabrics that weren’t too bad with pricing. Of course the suppliers/sellers are located in Thailand so the shipping cost and the time it takes to get it isn’t that great. But with the idea/project that I want to get done within a few months, the fabrics are essential. I ordered three so far and can’t wait to get it!

One Response to “Awaiting for my fabrics”

  1. JOY Says:

    Where did you order these fabric from? I’ve wanting to make some stuff with Hmong tribal fabric too but live in GA with no access to any. :(

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