New Job and updates

October 28, 2010

Yeeaaahhh! So, recently I gave my manager my two week resignation letter/notice. I will be working at another financial institute. Originally, I didn’t want to leave the company I’m with right now because I’ve been with them for a long time; but the offer was great and I couldn’t pass on it. Funny thing is, I started to look for a new position outside of the company because I was to go to a training session, which I knew I was going to dread. So now, here I am, with a job awaiting for me and not having to go to the dreadful training session which is today! The Market Manager actually called me a few hours ago; tried to convince me to stay and offered me a new position by the end of the year. He couldn’t put it in writing so I had to decline.
I’m not too excited about my new position. I know it’s going to be pretty much similar to the environment here. The worst part is, I have to wear a business suit every damn day! I have to dress professionally as of current as well, but I can wear sweaters and a little bit more stylish clothing items. The new position will strictly be business suits in boring colors: black and navy. *sigh*
Anyway, I started my etsy store a few days ago ( I haven’t really made anything. I found myself just wanting to sit in front of a computer and play snood all day. I’ve been gaining weight as well because all I do all day is sit, sit, and sit. Hopefully I can find the ambition to sew soon.

One Response to “New Job and updates”

  1. Tsheng Says:

    Are you still trying to sell you hmong clothes?? I was really interested in the one similar to this one.

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