When I first set eyes on this jacket, I knew I was going to get it even if the price is out of my range. I’ve been really tired of wearing black and shades of grey blazers so this military colored blazer was priceless. The fur can be taken off easily. I don’t think I will be wearing the blazer with the fur to work, but definitely outside of work. The only downside to this blazer is that it is wool and it cannot be wash any other way besides dry cleaning it. I mean, there are other clothing items that are label dry clean only but, can be machine wash if it is wash with the gentle cycle. Wool, on the other hand, shrinks in heat and agitation so the machine won’t do. I want this blazer enough to take my time to hand wash it so that shows how much I love it. On the Ann Taylor Loft website, the blazer is out of order. I got mine at local store with 50% off!


animal fur hat

December 24, 2010

Recently, I saw a photo of Venessa Hudgens wearing a fox/wolf fur hat. I thought it was super cute and had to have one. I looked through the internet and found a website! It’s made by SpiritHoods. The company has hats for ladies and men. A portion of their profits are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation, meaning the hats are not made from real fur. The price are a bit pricey, consider that I don’t wear hats. But, during winter times like this where a hood or hat is required to keep part of the cold and wind away and still stay cute, this is the best option.