Bed Bath & Beyond

February 12, 2011

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a new bedding set. I found some really nice colors and designs, but didn’t buy any because I couldn’t make up my mind. I’m leaning towards opulence colors. I’ve always liked red and white together, but I’ve liked it for so long that it’s getting old. Maybe mixing plum, gold, and a little of brown? No more neutral and soft colors? help? *shrug*


New Apartment

February 10, 2011

I just moved to a new apartment and I have no clue what to do with decor. I want a vintage and warm style, but with the color furniture I have right now, I don’t know if it’s going to work. My furniture are black and white so I don’t want to implement too many colors or it’s going to look messy. I don’t know. I need some inspiration. I think I just don’t know what I really want. With the black and white furniture and all of my boyfriend’s electronics, I should go for the modern techie style. BUT I really want the vintage, warm and cozy feel.

Here’s the color palette I want to work with.