February 28, 2012


My hair has been growing way too fast. I don’t have time to make an appointment to get my hair cut. Argh… I might just let my hair grow or find a way to cut it myself which is very unlikely.
Today, I’m wearing the jewelries I bought this pass weekend at Forever 21. I found a silver locket necklace, which was only $2 something; giving me no reason why I shouldn’t buy it. I’ve always LOVED jewelries made with fabrics and metals and couldn’t pass up the two I found above.
I picked up my package this morning and received the Smashbox eye brightener I ordered. Nothing exciting but I’ve been meaning to get one for the longest time now and I just can’t remember to get it when I’m at the mall.

It’s been a while since I last sew. I reaaalllyyy need to use up all the fabrics I have. It’s collecting dust and taking up space. I didn’t feel like making a one piece dress so I made just the top and will be making a skirt for it another time when I figure out what to do exactly.


Annie Creamcheese

February 22, 2012


Lockets!!! I was never a fan of locket necklaces and never own one, but for some odd reason I’ve been wanting one. This past weekend I stumbled upon two at Annie Creamcheese in DC. I bought both necklaces and a leaf necklace. I kept the one with the flower and gave the other two to my younger sisters. They were all $28 each, which I thought was worth it because I don’t see ’em in stores anymore.

I saw a $10 coupon for JcPenney in my wallet today and decided to stop by the store before I forget to use it. I’ve wasted way too many $10 coupons so if I don’t use it when I remember it, it’ll likely be forgotten. I got myself a shirt and a candy bar for only $6.30. Oh yeah! :)
And… Of course I got myself some cupcakes. I’m a cupcake wh***


Forever 21 sweaters

February 21, 2012

I can never have enough sweaters… I went to the mall yesterday and had to hold myself back from buying too many.








February 21, 2012

Over the weekends, my younger sisters visited and we ate a lot of cupcakes. We ate cupcakes from Sweetz Bakery, Cake Love, and Georgetown or DC Cupcakes. The best cupcakes are from Sweetz Bakery because the bread is soft and moist and the icing is not too sweet. DC Cupcakes was delicious as well, but the icing was a little sweeter than I would like. Cake Love was my least favorite. It was good, but the bread taste like it’s from a cake mix box. The strawberry and drumstick icing was really good though.
The first photo is DC Cupcakes, and the second is Cake Love. On my previous post, there is a photo for Sweetz Bakery.


February 16, 2012

My sisters arrived, went to the mall, ate delicious cupcakes, bought myself a purse at H&M, and off to Sweet Water Tavern for delicious food :)




Panera Bread

February 9, 2012

I’ve been going to Panera Bread almost everyday since it open across the street from my workplace. I love their sandwiches, soups, bagels, soufflĂ©, and especially the caramel latte. I love pastries but for some reason when I tried theirs and it wasn’t as good as I expect it to be. *sigh* I can’t stop myself from going in the morning… Help? :)