I remade the high waist skirt with my favvvorite Hmong fabric I ordered from ebay a few years ago. I made a few of these skirts before and sent it to my sister to sell it to her friends sometime last year. The only difference is that the old ones were not high waisted.

 I told myself once I have enough items on my Etsy account I was going to create a Facebook for it. Last night was my fifth item I posted on Etsy, but decided to hold off on the FB. There are other tops and dresses that I wanted to make and post. If only I can find time to go the Jo-Ann and get some fabrics… Hopefully after work that way I can start something tonight and over the weekend. The items I have in mind to be made and posted next, I actually already made them; I just need to get the materials and make it one more time and go over the measurements and sizes. I want to include at least a crop top and a dress before creating a FB account. The crop top will be like the one showed above, but maybe longer sleeves. I haven’t thought about what kind of style dress I’ll be making though. I really want to do a full skirt dress, but I’ll see what I can come up with this weekend.



After a long day of work and grocery shopping (I very dislike grocery shopping), I decided to finish the outfit my cousin requested for her daughter. I think it turned out pretty cute. Originally, the bow and neck tie was not included. My cousin wanted straps to ensure that the top will not be slipping down when her daughter wears it so I decided to add it on. It is detachable so if anyone is not in the mood for a bow and neck tie, can take it off. The back of the top is shirred; therefore, it should fit comfortably. The skirt has a 1.5” elastic waist. BTW, this outfit is on my Etsy account!


March 26, 2012





I just love Spring especially when the trees and ground are covered in flowers and petals. I wish my bf and I were more picture people because it’s such a great time to take outdoor pictures. My apartment complex has a gazebo that I want to use in the future for picture taking, but who knows if that’s ever going to happen!

Etsy Shop!

March 23, 2012


WooHoo!!! I opened my Etsy shop with one made to order item listed. I am slowly posting items up because I need to gather fabrics, threads, and whatnots. Keep updated!

BTW, my shop is Xweets. It is so because I only sell whatever I love, which is eye candy (to me at least).
Eye Candy = sweet to the eye and heart = Xweets :D


I’m not a very motivated or productive person when it comes to sewing. I’ll have an urge to sew and then when it gets too messy or I don’t have the needed material, I stop. It’ll takes forever for me to pick it up and finish sewing or start something new. I’ve been meaning to open or should I say reopen my etsy store, but I first need to make some dresses and outfits. I should have time after work and weekends to sew, but I just don’t and can’t if I don’t have the urge to sew. In order to be productive, I’m going to pin up the chanel ad above all over my apartment in order to remind me to open my etsy store so that I can make money to buy a chanel bag :D


Oh Gosh, I just realized it’s almost 4am. At around midnight, I wanted to go to sleep, but thought to myself; HECK, it’s Friday, and I am going to sleep at midnight.?! On the weekdays, I go to sleep later than this… So, I drag myself up and decided to continued on with the dress I was working on the other day. My original idea for this dress had an over the shoulder fabric like Thai dresses. I decided not to add it because it’ll be blocking most of the beautiful gold Thai silk fabric. You can’t tell, but I’m not done with the dress. I cut the waist band on the wrong grainline so I need to fix that, add on the zipper, and finish the hem. Hopefully, I can get it done tomorrow… or soon :D


March 7, 2012


This past weekend was a pretty good weekend because I found a Starbucks with a drive through window. Actually, it’s not good because my visits to Starbucks had put a lot of pounds on my thighs. I also started on a “Hmong dress”, but it came to a halt when I realized I don’t have enough fabrics to make the rest of it. I just hate it when that happens. I’m not sure when I will finish it since it’s been tossed in my unfinished basket.