Gold and Black Thai Silk Dress

March 10, 2012


Oh Gosh, I just realized it’s almost 4am. At around midnight, I wanted to go to sleep, but thought to myself; HECK, it’s Friday, and I am going to sleep at midnight.?! On the weekdays, I go to sleep later than this… So, I drag myself up and decided to continued on with the dress I was working on the other day. My original idea for this dress had an over the shoulder fabric like Thai dresses. I decided not to add it because it’ll be blocking most of the beautiful gold Thai silk fabric. You can’t tell, but I’m not done with the dress. I cut the waist band on the wrong grainline so I need to fix that, add on the zipper, and finish the hem. Hopefully, I can get it done tomorrow… or soon :D

6 Responses to “Gold and Black Thai Silk Dress”

  1. Kalina Says:

    The bodice is so beautiful! Can’t see the skirt very well though :)

  2. caydi Says:

    Very beautiful!

  3. elaineoc Says:

    Wow, the gold fabric is beautiful. Looking good!

  4. shenglor Says:

    Ok I want this outfit! I think it will be great for my work place’s movie premiere night in May!!!

  5. This is gorg! Great work!

  6. bak Says:

    I want this dress too…for new year…:-)

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