Wrap Dress

April 6, 2012

I am super excited to show off the sweetheart wrap dress I made yesterday night. Ever since I started on my Thai inspired clothing items, I’ve been wanting to make a wrap dress, similar to the traditional Thai wrap skirt. I didn’t want it to make it exactly like the Thai wrap skirt because then it’ll be too simple and there’s no point. My passion and goal is to modernize anything Hmong, not make exact copies. I loved vintage clothing items as well so I came up with this design a while ago (only in my mind because I can’t draw). The dress has been itching to get out of my mind and into reality, but I just couldn’t find the perfect fabric. Brocades would be great for the dress, but it’d be too bright and flashy; Thai fabrics would be perfect, but it’s too precious and expensive to use it as a sample piece. With nothing to do, I decided to work on the dress and just grab whatever fabric I have. I used this leopard print knit fabric, which turned out great because it hugs the body and gives stretch to wherever it needs. It’s not a true wrap dress, because the “wrap” cannot be undone like the original wrap dress or skirt. It has the overlap in the front, but it’s sewn attached to the top on the waist. The real test now, is to make it with non-stretch fabric. The hunt for the perfect fabric for this dress starts this weekend!

I’m also thinking how I can incorporate Hmong fabrics into this dress as well…

OH! a friend of mine is making bridesmaid dresses… I’m thinking this would be perfect for a summery bridesmaid dress, or a beach wedding dress… I’m thinking too much! need to relax and look for fabrics. The excitement could be that I just finish drinking a cup of coffee. :D

6 Responses to “Wrap Dress”

  1. Kalina Says:

    This is very beautiful, contragts!

  2. caydi Says:

    Gorgeous. Are you planning on putting this on Etsy too? I love it.

    • xweets Says:

      Yes, I’ll be posting this on my etsy shop. I’m not sure if I should wait until after I make another copy with nonstretch fabric just to make sure my pattern is okay or I should post it up now with knit fabrics only. Still pondering… :D

    • xweets Says:

      I just posted on my etsy shop! :D

  3. xweets Says:

    Thanks girls.

  4. You have a real talent with design. Impressive. I do well to match a shirt and tie.

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