Green Green Green and Silver

April 12, 2012







When I got started on the skirt of this dress, I realized it’s going to be super green. But what can I do? Nothing, because I don’t know what to do or what changes I should make. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike or hate it, I’m actually loving the color green this season. Yesterday night at around 11pm, after I cut my bangs or fringe, colored my roots, and watched random videos on YouTube, I decided to sew. I know right, at 11pm when I have work the next morning. It’s okay though because I don’t start heading out til 10am. I’m not done with the dress but, decided to quickly attach the bottom to the top to see how it’ll look like. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve used so much fabric on a dress before. If I have, I don’t remember. I bought 5 yards of the plain green and it doesn’t look like I have more than a yard and a half left. I think my sister bought me four yards of the Hmong green and silver fabric and no more than a half of a yard is left. It is because I cut one of the panels wrong so that was maybe a waste of a yard or so.

This dress reminds me of a princess dress (because of the side panels or whatever it’s called) so I think I’ll name it the Princess Dress. Since it’s so green, the first thing I thought of was Green Lady (Bridesmaid in Hmong). So, if you’re having a Hmong American wedding, this will be the perfect (literal) bridesmaid dress. Or if you’re attending an event (around this time would be Prom!) and love green as much as I do, this is the dress!


5 Responses to “Green Green Green and Silver”

  1. Holy cow! This is beautiful! <3 you definitely got some designing talent… 'so jealous. :P

  2. heartsusan Says:

    i love much is something like this? I would love you to make me one? price?
    how long does it take to make?
    there is a green bay HNY in Decmeber?

  3. heartsusan Says:

    How much can u make me one

    • xweets Says:


      Sorry, I’m not able to remake this dress for you. I’m booked for the rest of the year. :( I would love to make it for you next year if you still want it. Just let me know. Thanks!

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