Peach Nylon

May 25, 2012

I have two orders of the sage bohemian dress. I don’t have the fabrics on hand so I rushed to JoAnn during lunch to grab this peach nylon before it’s gone. It’s discontinued so I’ll have to find a replacement for future orders. :/


Colorful Chiffon Dress

May 24, 2012

Another dress for my youngest sister. Still need to finish the hem. This dress is a pull over dress; no zippers. It’s made out of chiffon. She wanted sleeves, but I totally forgot and finished the arm-hole already. I pinned the sleeves on one side to see how it’ll look like and I like it better with it. I think I’ll attach the sleeves tonight.

My youngest sister wanted a simple skater dress so here it is. I made it out of linen; very easy to handle. I will definitely use linen more often. It doesn’t look as cute on the dressform, but it’s very cute on me. :D

I’ve decided to give away this dress for free on June 1. I don’t want to sell my sample dresses and they’re just sitting in my closet. If you would like to enter in the drawing to win this dress, please like the photo on my facebook page.

This dress fits like a medium and taller than average, but once you win, I’ll make adjustments to fit you better.

I am going to make this dress to sell as well, maybe with a few minor changes.


May 18, 2012

The other day Tor told me he’s interested in a job located in CA. I would LOVE to move back to CA for the food, fabrics, and most of all, family; but as of right now; I’m happy where I’m at. My job is relaxed and pays well, allowing me to spend all of my leisure time sewing and stocking up on fabrics. My job also allows me to take any 2 classes per semester for free and I’m planning to use it this coming Fall. If we move to CA, I’d have to look for a job and with the job economy in CA, it’s going to be very very very hard to find one that I’d want and will be happy in.


Jennifer Lopez Dress

May 16, 2012


I stole this picture from LOOKPURDY here on wordpress. I saw this look a while back, don’t know where or when exactly, but I love it. Seeing the look again on LOOKPURDY’s blog only means I need to make this outfit, but then again, I need to go fabric shopping first.

Convertible Dress

May 12, 2012

While waiting for my fabric to dry, I decided to make a quick dress that should only take a few minutes. I’ve been seeing these convertible dresses for years now. The first time was in Vegas and a friend bought 2. Thought it was cool, but nothing too exciting or cute to purchase or make one for myself. It’s really popular on Etsy as bridesmaid dresses and I’ve been seeing some really creative wraps. I see it so often, I just had to make one.