30 Minutes Mermaid Tail Tutorial

March 2, 2013

Materials: Stretch Fabric, Iron-on Interfacing

Cut the bottom portion of the tail with iron on interfacing and fabric. Make sure to cut 2 of each. Iron each of the interfacing on each of the fabric. In this case, I had to baste it on because for some reason this iron on wasn’t sticking onto the fabric.

With the right side of fabric together, sew the fins together. Make sure not to sew the top. You need to leave it open so that you can turn it inside out.


Cut a triangle shape from the middle of the fins.


Cut off the pointy edges and make snips all around the sewn seams about one inch apart.

Turn it inside out and you got the fins! Now into the top portion of the tail

Cut a rectangle of the fabric. Make sure the stretchiness of the fabric is going horizontal.


Cut of the sides of the bottom portion of the rectangle. My cuts are super horrible! LOL it’s okay though because these needs to be done ASAP. The birthday party already started and I’m just starting on the present.

Sew the sides of the tail. Do not sew the top or bottom; just the sides.


With right side of fabrics together, sew the bottom portion of tail and opening of fins together. The bottom portion of tail is smaller than the opening of the fins, so you’ll have to stretch it as you sew. Use the zig-zag stitch.


There you go!

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