June 11, 2013

Once in a long while, I’d dream about acquaintances I’ve long forgotten. This morning, I dreamt I was back in the apartments where I grew up. I was living downstairs and was on my way to school. I was already a grownup, but my destination was my elementary school, which was just half a mile away. I decided to stop at the laundry room, which was stationed in the middle of the apartment buildings, put my clothes in the washers, and head out to school . On my way there, I noticed there were already a few people doing laundry. There were only 2 washers and 2 dryers and I didn’t want to wait. I thought to myself I will go to the laundry mat near the school. Right after that though, 2 sisters that lived upstairs in the same apartment building as I did walked up to me. They told me that the laundry mat near the school was also busy and once I get there, I’ll have to wait for a washer. I was glad that they informed me. We chitchat for a few minutes and then I woke up. I realized I have forgotten about those sisters and have not heard of them since middle or high school.