June 11, 2013

Once in a long while, I’d dream about acquaintances I’ve long forgotten. This morning, I dreamt I was back in the apartments where I grew up. I was living downstairs and was on my way to school. I was already a grownup, but my destination was my elementary school, which was just half a mile away. I decided to stop at the laundry room, which was stationed in the middle of the apartment buildings, put my clothes in the washers, and head out to school . On my way there, I noticed there were already a few people doing laundry. There were only 2 washers and 2 dryers and I didn’t want to wait. I thought to myself I will go to the laundry mat near the school. Right after that though, 2 sisters that lived upstairs in the same apartment building as I did walked up to me. They told me that the laundry mat near the school was also busy and once I get there, I’ll have to wait for a washer. I was glad that they informed me. We chitchat for a few minutes and then I woke up. I realized I have forgotten about those sisters and have not heard of them since middle or high school.

One Response to “6.11.13”

  1. k lo Says:

    hi, i’m hmong and i’m on a mission to find a designer who would be inspired to do a more elegant “wedding” style dress incorporating the traditional hmong theme. i have some ideas in my head but i’m no designer by any means. do you think this is something you could help me out with or direct me to another hmong designer who would take on the challenge?

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