3 down, more to go

September 23, 2013

Technically it’s 5 down and more to go because I am including the top and maxi skirt currently on sale on my shop as part of this collection.

These are sample garments so of course I ran into some issues. For example the fabric I choose for the jacket lining was a no go. I wanted it to be thick and used cotton, and it was just a super wrong decision. It turned out too stiff, which is okay, but the fabrics stick or cling to each other and create wrinkles. I will use real lining fabric next time to avoid the clinginess.

The green babydoll top was supposed to be a peplum top, but of course I rushed it and didn’t realize the top portion was too short. I still like the outcome though because it’s great for days when you just want to eat forever. I didn’t trash this top because it’s also great as a pregnancy top and I know two special girls that will be very pregnant during the Hmong New Years.

Red Beige Black Hmong long sleeve jacket

Red Beige Black Hmong long sleeve jacket

Green Hmong babydoll top

Green Hmong babydoll top

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