Collection Update

October 31, 2013

I hate to say, but I haven’t been productive with my collection. My sister and I signed a lease recently and we’ve been trying to settle in. We’ve been doing lots of shopping almost ery Day! and I’m sick siCK SICK of shopping. Every year, I don’t do much Christmas shopping; I just buy everyone gift cards so this year I wanted to start of my Christmas shopping early so that people actually get gifts and not just gift cards, but it’s definitely not going to happen anymore. Just the thought of going to the store makes me feel grumpy. I’m awfully disappointed at myself for not being done with this collection already. This whole month, I was only able to make the dresses below. And! it’s not even 100% completed. I don’t know, but I think I just need a real vacation.

Happy Halloween!

Hmong print black pleated dress

Hmong print black pleated dress

Hmong pink printed pleated dress

Hmong pink printed pleated dress

Btw, I have envisioned the pink dress for a long time and finally made it. It’s not exactly what I envisioned because of course it’s sooo hard to find the exact things and colors I want, but this will do. I’d like the fringe belt to be 2 inches longer, the coins to be more closely together, the trim to be a different color, and the skirt to be opaque; but this is the best I can do with limited resources. I think it’s cute :D

Hair Color

October 9, 2013

The weather is getting colder and it’s time to darken my hair. I was set on black but in the back of my head, I felt the color was too extreme for my skin color. I think I have fairly light skin and prefer it to be 2 shades darker. I tried a few times to get a tan by sitting outside on sunny days but it didn’t really work. I got bored at work so I decided to color my photos. I really like the blue black and copper, but I think it’s going to be dark brown instead.


Hmong sweater

October 1, 2013

Well, my vacation starts today after work. I have lots of things to get done like maybe purchase a stylish carryon luggage, finish up and press the dresses I made for my nieces, laundry, start packing… But instead I spent all of last night doing something else. I originally wanted to wait on making this sweater because I don’t have all the things that I want to add to the sweater. I want a different shiloutte for the face, a smaller black and white stripe fabric for the hat, maybe lips, and coins but of course I never want to do the things I need to do so I worked on the sweater. It still turned out cute but not as cute as I want it to be. To be remake…