Fabric Design

November 22, 2013

Hmong fabric design in Blue

I’ve been trying to design my own fabric for quite a while now. About a month ago, I ordered 2 yards of custom made fabrics. The first yard is my previous post. The other yardage was in a different kind of knit. I think it was polyester knit. It was significantly better than the first because the color saturation was better. I wasn’t feeling the fabric too much though. I felt like it just wasn’t right for the garments I wanted to create. I did some more goggling or binging and found a different company that offers printing on jersey knits. I’m pretty stoked about the fabric, but I can’t or don’t want to be too happy until I actually see the result. I’m worried that it’ll be like the cotton knit where the ink saturation isn’t good enough. My previous design was mainly red, but since learning that the 2014 color of the year will be dazzling blue, I decided to change the main color. I’ve been wanting to change the red anyway because I wanted to keep the traditional indigo and the red was making the fabric too red, white, and blue. I literally just submitted the design for a review about 30 minutes ago. I’m hoping they get back to me soon. I’m only ordering a yard to see how it’ll turn out; crossing my fingers it’ll be goooood.

I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving next week! OH MAN, I need to get my arse sewing. I’m always getting sidetrack. Like Lana Del Rey’s lyric “there is a war in my mind”! I just can’t stay put and do what I gotta do. My mind comes up with ideas and wanders off alllll the effin time. Like seriously, I do not need to do the fabric design at this time. It can wait til next year! I MUST get things done this weekend. tooodaaalooooo?

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