August 17, 2015

I’ve been gone quite a while! I really want to and will try my best to update my projects here more often. It’s just getting harder and harder with a baby, especially now that he wants to be interactive all the time. I moved back to North Carolina after having my baby. We drove across country when he was only 2 weeks old! …and… we are planning to “permanently” move back to California by the end of the year so I am looking forward to buy fabrics in bulk again next year. :D

Below are some of the projects I made. The cross stitch was a bit painful, pushing the dull needle through the interface backing for the onesies. Love every piece.

baby boy hmong clothes sleeper onesie baby clothes hmong cross stitch collar onesies baby hmong onesies cross stitch hmogn girl pink purple floral dress hmong girl floral skirt


My teaser photos for the Revived Fashion Show. It was a lot of stress trying to get this photo shoot done. I just couldn’t decide on anything.

I almost toss out the green dress because the skirt was not cooperating with me, but the beading was just too precious. It took me two full nights so there was no way I was going to toss it out…


September 21, 2012


Some of the stuff I’ve been working on…

Hmong and Thai inspired Peter Pan collar necklaces. Will be posting on my etsy soon. Please keep update! :D