January 29, 2015

I’m due in 2 months and there are so many projects I want to do! Hopefully I can sew after I give birth? If not, I don’t think I’ll have a collection this year except for random pieces. Once I get back to NC, my resources will be nothing! Just thought I share some of the things I’ve made since my last update.

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I’m frustrated! I can’t decide what to sew and what to concentrate on… I really like the sage and ivory combination and wanted to make more dresses using the materials. On the other hand, I received my brocade fabrics I ordered online and is very tempted to play with it. Today, I finally made the anticipated 3 tier dress. In my elementary years, my favorite skirt was a 3 tier skirt in a shade of green. I think it was made by my oldest sister, if not, my mom. During my late teen years, I wore a lot of full length tiered skirts that I made. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of it anymore.

*sigh* feeling very complex about my dress making plans…

Sage Lace Dress

May 1, 2012

I haven’t been focusing on making Hmong clothing items because I have lots of fabrics I want to get rid of. This dress is inspired by my scraps and spring. I still need to add the zipper and hem the dress, but since I don’t have a zipper at the moment I can’t finish the dress. Actually, I have tons of zippers, just not the right one :( and of course that’s always the case.


Gosh, such beautiful weather this weekend; wish my boyfriend and I were more outdoor people. Besides, he has reeeaaalllly bad allergies during this time of the year so there’s no way we can enjoy the beautiful weather together.

This past Friday was very unproductive. I anticipated at least some sewing after work, but as soon as I got home, I wanted to lie under the blanket for a few minutes. Of course, I fell asleep and didn’t get up til 3am. By that time, I didn’t want to start on any sewing because if I start, I would’ve worked all the way through the morning and slept all afternoon. I did some cleaning and went back to bed at around 5. Let me tell you, I can sleep forever. I do notice a sleep pattern though. I’ve been sleeping late on workdays and sleeping early on weekends. Don’t know what’s up with me, but I need to do some kind of reverse psychology on myself that way I can sleep early on weekdays and late on weekends like everyone else.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to use the lace knit I bought a few weeks ago. I have always love lace. I remembered years ago a few friends and I went to a Jessica McClintock store in SF to try on some dresses. A friend needed a dress for her cousin’s wedding so we planned the whole day in SF just dress shopping. One of my friends that were there commented that I picked out all the dresses that no one would like or wear, which was obviously her opinion because she doesn’t like lace! And, all the lace dresses I tried on were oh so beautiful; too bad I didn’t have any special occasion to attend to or I would’ve bought a few.

Well, I’m not sure about other Jo-Ann fabric stores, but the ones nearby do not carry a variety of lace so as soon as I found the lace knit above, I had to get it. At that time, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Yesterday, I just sort of stared at the fabric for a while and decided to do a summer romantic dress. I wanted to incorporate the one should bodice because currently I have a feel for it (All the Thai fabrics I have laying around makes me thought of Thai inspired looks). I wanted a one shoulder dress that will guarantee a nice fit so I didn’t sew the shoulder together. Sometimes the shoulder doesn’t fit well because of the bias cut making is loose. I made the shoulder tie long enough so there is options of tying it into a bow or leaving it hang down. The skirt part was the hardest to decide on. I wanted a fitted bottom like a pencil skirt, but I’m really not feeling it. I wanted a full length skirt or a 2 or 3 tier skirt, but I didn’t have enough fabric. I spent a long time debating and decided on a basic full skirt because of the shoulder tie. I wanted the focus to stay on the shoulder so I left the skirt plain. The fabric color is ivory of off-white, which I love. I don’t like the color white too much because it’s too plain and simple for me. I think this dress would be perfect for a summer romantic destination dress or a bridesmaid dress. This dress is posted on my etsy shop (Xweets)!

Today, I think will be an unproductive day. The weather is too nice and I think I’ll spend some time sunbathing.