This fabric has been sitting around since Fresno New Year 2013, which is 4.5 months ago. I guess it hasn’t been that long compared to the other fabrics I have from who knows when. I really like this green and silver floral chiffon fabric, but the quality is not that great. The silver flowers are metallic and looks like it’s heat pressed onto the fabric. It makes the fabric kind of wrinkly and doesn’t hang too well if you look closely. There is a “new” fabric very similar to this one, but the flowers are gold/bronze and silver. The quality is a lot better, but I don’t like it as much because the green is not as bold as this “older” one. I think it’s fairly hard to find this “older” one and when I saw it at Fresno New Year, I had to get it. I’m glad I’m finally using my fabrics, but there are sooo many other errands I need to get done. I need to get my priorities straight!

Hmong green blue navy dress with silver flowers Hmong green blue navy dress with silver flowers1 Hmong green blue navy dress with silver flowers2


Hmong backless peplum top

September 24, 2013

My original idea, before I got home from work, was to make two dresses before I head to bed. I started on the backless dress and decided to make a peplum top instead.  I figured I have more dresses in mind than I have tops so better make tops before this collection comprise of mainly dresses. Besides, I’ve attempted twice to make a peplum top and both failed. The third attempt has to be a charm right? And, it did turn out cute; reminds me of a ballerina dress.

 I’ve been meaning to remake the infinity dress, which is supposed to be made yesterday night. I got tired and went to bed instead. This morning, I took a few minutes to drape around the dressform to see how it would look like and I must say, I don’t know; or my draping is just really bad.


Hmong print backless peplum top

Hmong print backless peplum top

Hmong print backless peplum top side view

Hmong print backless peplum top side view

Hmong print infinity dress

I worked on the embroidery top and realized I did not like the high neckline with the style I was aiming for. I haven’t trash it yet, but it’s set aside for now. I don’t know if I will reattempt it soon. 

The night before last, I worked on a dress and knew exactly what I wanted to do with the top, but the fabric just wouldn’t want to work with me. I played around with it and felt I needed to just sleep on it. Then voila! The first piece done last night.

Hmong Dress blue pink print scarf sweetheart
Hmong Dress blue pink print sweetheart dress with straps