Waiting Patiently

April 15, 2014

So I decided on my fabrics, but unfortunately, the website ran out of the knit fabric I wanted. I settled for cotton and the other knit, which is thicker and the ink doesn’t saturate as well. I made my order since April 1st and would like to receive them like NOW. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get rid of my fabrics. I’m getting married! and will be moving at the end of May. I want to use up as much fabrics as possible to lighten my moving load. I love collecting fabrics and am kind of having a hard time using them because they are all so beautiful. All the “sample” items I will be making will be fairly cheap; probably half of the price I would charge for a made to order item. Below are the items I made in the past week/weekend.
The last photo is just a belt I made for myself because I threw away all my belts when I moved last time. The 2nd to the last photo is just a shawl my sister put on my dressform and I decided to put the belt on it.



I worked on the embroidery top and realized I did not like the high neckline with the style I was aiming for. I haven’t trash it yet, but it’s set aside for now. I don’t know if I will reattempt it soon. 

The night before last, I worked on a dress and knew exactly what I wanted to do with the top, but the fabric just wouldn’t want to work with me. I played around with it and felt I needed to just sleep on it. Then voila! The first piece done last night.

Hmong Dress blue pink print scarf sweetheart
Hmong Dress blue pink print sweetheart dress with straps


February 12, 2013

jade diamond ring pink pearl necklaceYellow hmong dressblack hmong bolero with green silver trimred green hmong sweetheart top

What a lollapalooza morning! I actually had 10 minutes to spare this morning before heading out to Starbucks and then work. I spent a few minutes of my 10 minutes looking through my jewelries and found the pearl necklace my sister gave me for Christmas. I like pearls, but this necklace is exceptional because it’s real therefore it’s not perfectly round, it’s not white, and it’s made by my sister. I just bought the diamond ring, but it’s not my favorite. My favorite ring is still my jade ring. Every time I go to the mall, I often go to the jewelry section/stores to look for jade rings and necklaces, but there are always such small selections. Somebody told me that there is a restriction on jade imports so I guess that could be the reason why jewelry stores have such limited selections.
I also used my 10 minutes to take a few photos of the things I made but no longer want to keep. At first I was going to trash it like I usually do, but figured people might want it so I’m going to do a few giveaways. If you would like to win the items posted on here (minus the necklace and rings), go to my Facebook page to like and share the photos.


January 11, 2013

It’s a new year and I’d like to see new fabrics :D
But I’d need to get rid of old fabrics first so, my plan is to make whatever I can think of and sell it for cheap. Check out and keep updated with my etsy shop for dresses or outfit.
Below are photos of what I’ve made so far this year.

black blue gold sequin fabric hmong xweets

black blue gold sequin fabric hmong xweets

black gold blue sequins sweetheart dress sash sev skirt dress hmong xweets
hmong black gold heart swirl necklace xweets one

hmong black gold heart swirl necklace xweets one

hmong green floral navy blue dark black long sweetheart dress bridesmaid prom junior xweets

hmong green floral navy blue dark black long sweetheart dress bridesmaid prom junior xweets

hmong black gold heart swirl necklace xweets

hmong black gold heart swirl necklace xweets

hmong green floral navy blue dark black long sweetheart dress bridesmaid prom junior xweets

hmong green floral navy blue dark black long sweetheart dress bridesmaid prom junior xweets







When I got started on the skirt of this dress, I realized it’s going to be super green. But what can I do? Nothing, because I don’t know what to do or what changes I should make. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike or hate it, I’m actually loving the color green this season. Yesterday night at around 11pm, after I cut my bangs or fringe, colored my roots, and watched random videos on YouTube, I decided to sew. I know right, at 11pm when I have work the next morning. It’s okay though because I don’t start heading out til 10am. I’m not done with the dress but, decided to quickly attach the bottom to the top to see how it’ll look like. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve used so much fabric on a dress before. If I have, I don’t remember. I bought 5 yards of the plain green and it doesn’t look like I have more than a yard and a half left. I think my sister bought me four yards of the Hmong green and silver fabric and no more than a half of a yard is left. It is because I cut one of the panels wrong so that was maybe a waste of a yard or so.

This dress reminds me of a princess dress (because of the side panels or whatever it’s called) so I think I’ll name it the Princess Dress. Since it’s so green, the first thing I thought of was Green Lady (Bridesmaid in Hmong). So, if you’re having a Hmong American wedding, this will be the perfect (literal) bridesmaid dress. Or if you’re attending an event (around this time would be Prom!) and love green as much as I do, this is the dress!

Wrap Dress

April 6, 2012

I am super excited to show off the sweetheart wrap dress I made yesterday night. Ever since I started on my Thai inspired clothing items, I’ve been wanting to make a wrap dress, similar to the traditional Thai wrap skirt. I didn’t want it to make it exactly like the Thai wrap skirt because then it’ll be too simple and there’s no point. My passion and goal is to modernize anything Hmong, not make exact copies. I loved vintage clothing items as well so I came up with this design a while ago (only in my mind because I can’t draw). The dress has been itching to get out of my mind and into reality, but I just couldn’t find the perfect fabric. Brocades would be great for the dress, but it’d be too bright and flashy; Thai fabrics would be perfect, but it’s too precious and expensive to use it as a sample piece. With nothing to do, I decided to work on the dress and just grab whatever fabric I have. I used this leopard print knit fabric, which turned out great because it hugs the body and gives stretch to wherever it needs. It’s not a true wrap dress, because the “wrap” cannot be undone like the original wrap dress or skirt. It has the overlap in the front, but it’s sewn attached to the top on the waist. The real test now, is to make it with non-stretch fabric. The hunt for the perfect fabric for this dress starts this weekend!

I’m also thinking how I can incorporate Hmong fabrics into this dress as well…

OH! a friend of mine is making bridesmaid dresses… I’m thinking this would be perfect for a summery bridesmaid dress, or a beach wedding dress… I’m thinking too much! need to relax and look for fabrics. The excitement could be that I just finish drinking a cup of coffee. :D


After a long day of work and grocery shopping (I very dislike grocery shopping), I decided to finish the outfit my cousin requested for her daughter. I think it turned out pretty cute. Originally, the bow and neck tie was not included. My cousin wanted straps to ensure that the top will not be slipping down when her daughter wears it so I decided to add it on. It is detachable so if anyone is not in the mood for a bow and neck tie, can take it off. The back of the top is shirred; therefore, it should fit comfortably. The skirt has a 1.5” elastic waist. BTW, this outfit is on my Etsy account!